Welcome to our Direct Confidential Line

We Listen is a space where you can suggest something that we can do better, inform us about a situation that goes against our values, share a complaint or even congratulate someone for doing an extraordinary job.

Your opinion and support are vital to encourage a better environment, to respect the integrity of every person that forms part of our community and to promote the values that distinguish us.

We want you to be proud of belonging to this institution.

The information that you decide to share will be handled by a specialized team, an outsourced provider (external to the school), in direct collaboration with our CEO in order to offer a concrete and appropriate answer to your situation, ensuring your anonymity and confidentiality.

¿What´s MKonfidential®?
MKonfidential® is a specialized tool for organizations to be able to receive, store and manage confidential feedback information from its collaborators. As a result, it´s fostering a more positive and healthy working environment, promoting its values and firmly protecting its collaborators’ dignity at all times.